24timer goes social – fully incorporates social network Mingler

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This sunday the site of the free newspaper 24timer.dk relaunched as a fully merged news and social site, having assimilated the social network-site mingler.dk, including the full profiles-database and a complete blogging-universe.

With the move JP/Politikens Hus (who owned and owns the two now merged properties) marks yet another frontier in the socalled “free newspaper war” against Nyhedsavisen (more on this here: Standing Danish newspaper-war at (internetbased) turning point?) , the site of which recently were sold of to the dominant player in the Danish socialnetwork field, Freeway (se my post: Freeway.dk goes portal – encapsulating avisen.dk content).

It’s a funny world: On the one hand a newspaper site with lots of editorial content enhances themselves with a powerfull social motor. And on the other a social network-group with lots of users and traffic upgrades with the buying of a newspaper-site.

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