March 1, 2008

About Jon Lund

Hi, this is Jon speaking.

I pride myself as being a world-class communicator, a no-nonsense strategist, a creative business developer a razor sharp analyst, a motivator and doer. I’m in to “All Things Digital”. I’m a media and peoples specialist. And this is my blog. I hope you find an interesting read or two.

In my daytime job I’m a strategy consultant eCapacity. Prior to this I served as Head on Online Communications at Danske Bank. I’ve operated my own consultancy (which I founded in the summer of 2009 and which is still in operation).

From 2004 to 2009 I was general manager of IAB Denmark (Foreningen af Danske Interaktive Medier, FDIM) and headed as such the official measurement of activity and ad spend on the internet. During my five years of leadership, the organisation doubled the number of members, while revenue and acitivities more than quardrupled.

I’ve also started up an app-venture, headed the innovation lab at Boliga and Euroinvestor, been coo at memit, chairman of the board at Danish Online News Association and member of the advisory board the Media Council for children and Young persons. I’ve held honorary positions as member of the board of IAB Europe, member of the Danish Ministry of Cultures advertising forum, member of the board of directors of the Forum of the Danish Media, and member of ICC Denmark’s marketing committee. Since 2010 I’ve been attached to Media Studies at Aarhus University as a member of their body of co-examiners.

I hold a masters degree in Political Science from University of Aarhus and have worked within internet, marketing and media since starting my own agency in 1995, holding positions as project manager at the Ingeniøren weekly, Cross-Border communications and Schultz.


Jon Lund

Address: Bygholmvej 10, 2720 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Said about Jon Lund

“…chilling story of the crazy free newspaper war in Denmark that almost killed everyone involved… it is indeed grim reading.” Read on

Chris Anderson, author of “The Long Tail” and “Free”, editor in chief, Wired Magazine.

“His thinking brings ideas to life” – Zoran Savin,Vice President, IAB – Interactive advertising bureau Europe “Outstanding in spotting new market potentials” – Henrik Egede, Vice President, IT Industry Denmark
“I will not hesitate to call Jon for advice on social media and/or internet business – nor should you!” Henrik Christensen, COO, Jobindex A/S

Read more – and full-text – endorsements at Linkedin.


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Jon Lund

Jon Lund

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