2 million downloads from Apples Danish App-store in December

Tweet I had a hunch from international stats – now it’s for sure: iPhone-owners really do use their phones extended capabilities. Neither talk, texting or music does it in itself. You’ll have to add barcode-readers, geo-contexual weather forcast, GPS, gaming and similar apps (programs that runs on  smartphones) to get the full picture of what[…]

Forbrydelsen (“The killing”): Popular TV series has significant effects on internet-activity (Digital view, week 39, 2009)

Tweet In this weeks issue of Digital view: Life on the Danish internet focuses on the effect of popular TV-series on internetactivity, examining the first episode of the Danish TV serie “Forbrydelsen” (“The killing”) second season. The study finds a decrease of 13,5 percent in internetactivity in the hour while the episode was broadcastet, with[…]