First Danish fullblown online grocery store misses mark

Tweet Half a year after opening up it’s online operations, the website of Danish retailer Superbest comes in ten of ten in reach compared to the websites of other Danish retailers, even though Superbest is the only of the competitors to offer full-blown online grocery shopping. This is among the findings in my latest report.[…]

Facebook boosts trust for online video game stores

Tweet Use of social networking elements on either your own site or on Facebook clearly correlates with customer satisfaction. This is one of the remarkable facts I’ve dug up in my latest report: “E-commerce, trust and social networking – the case of Danish online video game stores” investigating Amazon, Coolshop and Fona among others. What[…]

Danish moms runs the family business on the Internet

Tweet Literally: moms spend twice the amount of time e-banking than does their male counterparts. And they’re outnumbering the dads in the check-out lines of e-commerce sites as well. These are among the main findings in “Money and gender in Denmark: e-banking and online shopping″ – my latest report, published today. Find reference below. If[…]

Welcome to… Googledom, Socialistan, Newscorpey and Disturbia

Tweet Socialistan is the largest country in the new world accounting for 31 % of total time-spend. Here by far the most Danes are actively engaged in updating their facebook-status, twitting and blogging. The women of Socialistan leads on, while men are more passive. You won’t find a Dane who hasn’t spend time in Googledom[…]

50+, high-incomes leads Danish travel revolution

Tweet More than 600.000 Danes surfs for travels during a single month. They account for almost all sales in the leisure category, and a quarter of all tickets sold in professional segments. You’ll find all kind of Danes out there searching for travels. But the ones most addicted are the +50 years olds, the high-income[…]

Natives beats traditionals in online retail

Tweet Traditional companies opening up departments on the Internet easily captures lots of users, but scores low on consumer-trust, finding it hard to gain confidence of their customers. This is one of the main conclusions from a new analysis I’ve just published, “Oldschool/Newschool: Top 25 Danish e-commerce sites evaluated”. The report walks through the 25[…]

Danish e-commerce mapped out: second-hand largest, retail # 5

Tweet This weeks “digital view” report focuses on the actual state and character of the Danish e-commerce market, mapping out the 124 largest e-commerce-sites to cover a total of seven industries and tracing the inherent logic behind the development of the Danish e-business sphere. Read on: Eroding powers of digitalization revealed: Secondhand-shopping,  telecommunications and e-banking[…]