Jon Lund helps clients develop and implement successful digital strategies.

Road-map to successful online presence

Find the right mix between online and mobile offerings, search engine visibility, social media confidence building – and ensure the user finds the right ways with the right experience through your properties. Jon Lund helps clients full circle through the four distinct disciplines of of successful online presence. Read on.

Inspiring presentations, internal events and executive consulting

Facts, future and present. Trends and inspiration. Jon Lund speaks at conferences and internal events – and helps clients crack open and tap into their own digital potentials in executive consulting sessions. Read on (in Danish)

Thoughtful analysis on user behaviour and  positions of online competitors

What does the digital market look like in your industry? What’s your position vis-a-vis your competitors? Jon Lund helps clients finding facts about new possibilities offered and threats posed online – who is getting at them and how.

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