War of the gender reborn on the internet: Women socialize, men gather information

Tweet I’ve seen it coming for some time, and now I’ve documented it: while men and women are equally represented online, both in terms of the number of users and the amount of time they spend, you find significant differences when you scratch the surface. In my new “digital view”-report (se below) I find that[…]

Facebook crosses the generation gap, spreads transparency

Tweet Just published my new “Digital view: Life on the Danish internet august 17-23 2009″, and this is fascinating I think: Half of the Danish population are using Facebook. More specific: 2,47 mio Danes visited facebook at least once during the month of June (June, 2009 – research carried out by Gemius). What’s more: Facebook[…]

Social networking sites are more than social – they’re media!

Tweet Up until today I’ve thought of Danish Arto and k-forum, Facebook and the like of social networking sites as sites distinguished more by the relation between the peoples connected, than by the actual content itself. Surely the relation between you and you’re network is a cornerstone of social networking sites. And surely enormous powers[…]