Den store nye TV krig

Tweet Tv-apparater kan nu gå direkte på nettet, så du for eksempel kan leje film online. Men det passer ikke udbyderne, for der er ikke penge i det. Derfor kæmper de for at redde profitten. Læs analysen her – først bragt i Politiken.  Dit næste nye tv-apparat er født med internet og bliver rigtig smart.[…]

Cable-TV, phones and internet make people talk

Tweet Telecommunication is the professional industry cutting out the largest share Danes’ e-commerce related activities. Not money-wise. But time-wise. Engagement-wise. What is it, the Telcos has done right? And who’s who among the Danish Telcos on the web? That’s what I’ve been looking into in my latest report “Danish Telcos on the web. A portrait[…]

TDC reduces churn by 50 percent by giving away music for free

Tweet A few days before the one year anniversary of the world first give-customers-free-access-to-all-music (2 mio tracks from all major record-labels), Danish telco TDC reveals the rationale behind the groundbreaking move labeled “Play”. Figures revealed today by TDC ceo Jesper Theill Eriksen at the Tele2009-conference shows that churn – that is customers quitting TDC –[…]