Absolut says: we’re spending 15 % of marketing budget online and we’re moving from brand experience towards functionality

  • Jon Lund 

Need a drink but don’t remember the recipe? Go check out Absoluts reality database with lots of drinks and mixing tips.

Though its all embedded in a flashy site, its an example of the direction Absolut is taking presently. Knowledge you can use. Functionality.

“You got to honour the net”, said Patrick Blixt of Absolute Vodka, as he entered the stage at MSN innovate conference in night club Vega of Copenhagen, an hour ago. (low on battery, therefor the delay in reporting). “Think dialogue, involvement”, he went on.

Not everything seems to be all about function, though. One other ongoing campaign to be found at absolute.com presently is the Absolut Second Skin campaign, featuring 3 Absolute bottels disguised as snowmen, singing in a karaokee-like setup, complete with lyrics etc. You might want to have a look.