Best-ever generator of innovation in the firing line

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The Google/Verizon blow at net neutrality does far more than just make the web run smoother. It risks messing with the fine-grained mechanisms which has spurred the largest wave of innovations ever seen.

Article published in Politiken today. Online version available here.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all websites are created equal… This is the spirit of the Internet, as we have known it this far. Like another Lady Justitia the Internet has from it’s very inception been blind to the content and applications running through its veins, treating all of them equal.

This is soon to be history, however – if Google and Verizon – and the telecommunication industry at large – have their way, that is. At least on the wireless Internet. The somewhat odd pair wants to open up for telcos to prioritize traffic on the Internet, making it possible for websites and applications to pay their way to the fast lane, bypassing others, smaller, less powerfull services. Endangering the openness of the Internet, endangering the innovative spirit, endangering the mechanisms of innovation so deeply ingrained in the basic architecture of the Internet.

This is what my analysis in Danish newspaper Politiken today is all about. Read the article (in Danish), at the Politiken website

English-speaking readers, take a few minutes to walk through Barbara van Schewicks excellent seven-pages defense of the innovative spirit of the Internet as we known it

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