Best of all worlds

  • Jon Lund 

Behavioral targeting promises, according to CEO Scott Ferber, the best of all worlds: online advertising that gives more relevant ads to consumers, more precision in targeting and better prices to advertisers – and more efficient management of inventory and higher revenue to media.

How is all this going to happen? Take the travel section of newspaper websites, Ferber says. The inventory (the slots were the ads goes) might be sold out to high prices. But since it is the user that is interested in travel the advertiser wants to reach, the newspaper might just as well show him the travel-ads when he visits other parts of the newspaper website, where the inventory is not sold out, and the list prices might be cheaper. If only, that is, the newspaper were able to tell who he was. And it is exactly this behavioral targeting makes possible.

This was some of the highlights from Scott Ferbers presentation in Copenhagen Friday sept. 16, when he visited FDIM. The audience was highly pleased by his presentation: 42% deemed the presentation “very good” the best possible evaluation. Another 52 % thought the presenting was “good” and the remaining 6 % responded “neither good nor bad”. The “bad” and “very bad” categories received no votes at all.

I myself was thrilled by the presentation. I moderated the very interesting debate after the presentation, and when the audience left the building, the adrenalin was still running in my veins. Yes!

Have a look at Scott Ferbers slides here