Blogs are inconsistent with marketing

  • Jon Lund 

Is there money in blogs? Not in the advertising sense! That was the message from Adriana Cronin-Lukas, CEO at The Big Blog Company. To her, the blogosphere is a place for conversations – and a sphere where commercial messages are not really wellcome.

Corporate blogs can be excelent, as is the case with the blog of eg. Suns Microsystems Jonahtan Schwartz or Paul Hattons Hard Diamond-blog

But they can be really awfull as well. And attempts to post camuflaged postings usually really doesn’t work, according to Adriane.

And ads on blogs? I think Adriana thinks this is not really suitable. Mixing commercial messaging into the “personal blogosphere”.

While agreeing complety with Adriana that corporate blogs gives great opportuinies for establishing a conversation with customers, and poses great threats as well if you havn’t grasped the basic idea, I’m not really comfortable with the “this is business and this is personal conversation” thing, that seems to run underneath Adrianas presentation. Sure ads can go along with blogs. Sure you can choose to be honest in a conversation – and still wanting to discuss your own products or services. You just have to do it right!