Danes reward great web-content

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Past days/weeks/… has been somewhat hectic – announced one of the reasons today: on June 12 FDIM (the IAB Denmark) is going to reward great online content in categories such as best web-tv, best online entertainment, best user-involvement, best social site, best web-journalism, best userinterface, best distribution, best mash-up…

I’ve had my share of organizing the event this far – but not alone, however. A special task force have been deeply involved in crafting the categories and criteria, discussing the needs and purposes (and drinking coffee and red wine). The task force consists of Troels Behrendt Jørgensen, Berlingske.dk, Kim Elmose, Politiken.dk (blogging about it here), Carsten Folke Møller, TV 2 Net, Casper Thomsen, ing.dk, Claus Sølvsteen, Peytz & Co (blogging at markeshing.eu) and Peter Djurup, FDIM.

The jury is chaired by Torry Pedersen, editor-in-chief of Norwegian vg.no, whom I met at a conference a few month ago (read on here: VG.no: revealing the beauty of an ugly duckling).

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