Danish adspend: Internet beats newspapers by 27-7. Internet by far the fastest growing media group.

  • Jon Lund 

The internet is by far the fasting growing media when the talk is on advertising. In the first 6 month of 2005 revenues grew by 27 pct. compared to the same period last year – from 18,3 mio euros to 23,3 mio euros. Compare this to second-fastes growing media group: newspapers (up 7 pct. to 171,7 mio euros) and third fastes growing TV (up 6 pct. to 134,5 mio euros).
All this according to figures released from Danish Advertisers Association today, based on reported net revenues – the nearest you get to true figures.

These figures resemple the ones FDIM released 3 weeks ago. Now they’re confirmed from yet another source.

I’ll just state the numbers once more: internet 27-newspapers 7.