Digital home embedded in physical, nearly medieval, world

  • Jon Lund 

The paper sign attached to the wall read, in handwriting “The digital home – enter here, go to the back yard nr. 37. Go to 4th floor”. I’m on my way to the kick-off seminar at the ITB digital home-project. It’s 20 past 8 in the morning, and Copenhagen is just wakening up. I’m here thanks to the newly partnership between ITB and my organisation, FDIM.

I enter the small passage to the first backyard, my eyes glancing from corner to corner of the still dimly lit surroundings. In the far corner a small glass-tower is rising. Lights from the windows. Must be there. Yes! Another piece of paper attached: “Digital home – go to 4th floor”. I enter. The stairs are winding round and round. Finally I’m there.

Being a conference of the digital future I feel remarkably embedded in the old physical, nearly medieval, world. Complete with small pieces of handwritten paper, windings stairs and backyards.

Writing this as Nis Bank Lorenzen of Microsoft now enters the stage. The slides display: “Microsoft’s eHome Vision”. OK, switch over. Go digital. Now. Bleep, bleep…