First Danish podcast-portal – – opens Wednesday

  • Jon Lund 

6 guys are working night’n’day to have the first Danish podcast portal up and running this Wednesday. Podhead is going to produce and offer their own – I think 6 – podcasts. And offer a selection of the best Danish and foreign language (i.e. English) podcasts. In addition to this, is offering free server capacity to users, allowing each and every individual to upload their own podcast for distribution via

Listing to podcasts from is free of charge. Money is going to flow from sponsors and advertisers.

This much I gathered from talking to Jacob Egevang and Christian Eli Hansen – the managing and creative directors of, at todays “Podcasting” event arranged by my organisation – FDIM – and DONA.

Update: Kim Elmose of DONA has a great transcript-like post of the session here.