First Microfilm arrived

  • Jon Lund 

The first of 4 microfilms in The Danish Newspaper Associations new campaign for reading newspapers has just arrived. The film, around 7 minutes long, can be viewed only at the campaigns website – in other words: old media uses new media to make old media more used.

Confused? Take a look at Søren Kragh Jakobsens “Manden der havde en grønthøster i hovedet” (“the man who had a harvester inside his head”) and find out how newspapers can help you get a girlfriend.

Don’t believe newspapers will get you more popular? Don’t believe microfilms will make you read more newspapers? Perhaps not. Believe this: this is not the last innovative use of the web as an advertising medium we’ve seen. Rich media is here to stay. And as such both the film and the campaign are cool pieces of advertising.