Google’s # 2 …in Sweden

  • Jon Lund 

In Denmark MSN is unambiguously the number one website on the top rankings of most trafficked Danish websites. Week after week MSN resides at the top of FDIMs top-list. This week MSN had over 1,6 mio. unique visitors – with a large gap to the lists number two, Denmark Radio, the Danish equivalent to BBC, claiming only a little more the 1 mio unique users.

But then again: as the only major website in Denmark, google’s not counted on the list at all. Is Google larger than MSN in Denmark? Nobody knows.

Last week I had lunch with Johan Kinnander, Country manager of Google Nordic, and Johan mentioned to me, that Google (to my surprise) is actually measured in Sweden. A little surfing quickly revealed that Nielsen//Netratings are really publishing figures for Google in Sweden. According to Nielsen, MSN in August 2005 had a reach of 75 percent of Swedish online population, whereas Google has to settle with 41 %. Nielsen’s methodology and measures are different from the setup TNS Gallup applied in the Danish market. But this much you get from the Nielsen//Netratings figures: in Sweden, Google is number 2. Have a look yourself here.