Liquid and thin as paper

  • Jon Lund 

One more sci-fi dream comes true. This time: electronic paper. You know: folio-like, to be wrapped up, lightweight.

The kind of medium you want your newspaper to use. Put it in your pocket, unfold it – read the latest news. Add on a wireless connection and news stories updates in your hand, as if it was a website (which it is!). Have the full archive at your hand while reading in bed. Plus related video. And so forth.

Just as Preben Mejer envisioned January last year at the FDIM-DMF conference (danish article here). Only at that time he gave it three more years to come true (commercial products implementing the technology still remains to be seen, however. But then again: technologist and media companies still have a year and four month to get the job done).

Look what they’ve made at Phillips – Polymer Vision:
The 1:30 minutes Phillips-movie
The press releases: Philips unveils world’s first ‘Roll-able Display’ pocket e-Reader concept READIUS and
Philips roll-able displays to offer paper-like reading experience in mobile applications