Live blogging from Interactive Advertising Forum, London

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I landed in Heathrow only 1 hour and 30 minutes ago and rushed in for this conference – missed the opening remarks 🙁

I’ve decided to keep you up-to-date with todays activities her at the Interactive Advertising Forum in London: a one-day conference on how to make money from the web on ads, as I get it. Arranged by IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau europe (I’m the IAB Denmark) and IAA (International Advertising Association).

The program promises to “reflect a new wave of change across Europe’s online markets. Delegates will leave the event understanding how Podcasting and Blogging have developed from their humble consumer roots into viable global marketing channels. They will hear case studies from some of Europe’s most progressive advertisers as to how they are now integrating interactive and digital marketing into their overall international communication strategies.”

Phillip Whelan (Managing Director, Loudish) just ended his talk on Podcasting: a trend set to last? Right now in the closening remarks.

Shh, now, attention: Adriana Cronin-Lukas enters the stage to deliver a presentation on “Blogging and the underworld”. This might be interesting! (Adreana is CEO at The Big Blog Company).