LSD revisited: redesigns

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Four days ago Danmarks Radio (DR) – the Danish Broadcasting Corporation – redesigned its frontpage at The redesign, which has been in the pipeline for almost two years, introduces a radical shift in DRs web-presence. Judging from the comments on, users are not happy with the change.

From being first and foremost a news-website, like, is now primarily an index-page, guiding the visitors to the most relevant parts of the huge portal.

Half of the above-the-line frontpage is dedicated TV- and radio program-indexes. One news-story, a small picture and more indexes to sports, news and weather take up the rest of the frontpage real-estate.

With its redesign, moves toward the Both sites are now pretty much in line with Jeff Veens 1999 LSD-doctrine, that showed how portal frontpages were build over Logo, a Search box and a Directory (hence “LSD”). Since that time most portals moved away from this, giving more attention to editorial content. But now it seems like the pendulum has changed once again.
Quite new, quite bold, I’d say. Frankly it took me a few moments to digest the impression. Then I made up my mind: this is a clever move: is much more than news – and if I want news, the past years have learned me where on DRs site I can find them. Namely at Congratulations to DR with its new design!