Official Danish adspend 2007: internet a pair with tv on 17 %

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In 2007 TV and internet adspend cut out each their 17 percent slice of the total ad-pie. With a 39 % growth internet in this way reached 2,502 billion dkk bringing it a pair with TV, growing by only 2 percent, and totalling 2,516 billion dkk.

Print media is still the favourite of Danish advertisers. Daily newspapers alone accounted for 22 percent of total adspend (3,2 billion dkk), whereas regional and local weekly papers with total revenues of 2,7 billin dkk took out it’s 19 % adspend-pie-slice.

Danish adspend 2007

In a scandinavian perspective the Sweedish and Norwegian online adspend reach respectively 17 and 11 percent of their national adspend-pies.

These are some of the key conclusions from the Reklameforbrugsundersøgelsen 2007, the official Danish adspend statistics, which is going to hit the streets in a few days (apparently something went wrong in the printing process, forcing a minor delay) You’ll be able to find the figures at Dansk oplagskontrols website lateon.  Meanwhile click here for an excel spreadsheet with my own notes from teh reklameforbrugsundersøgelsen 2007 presentation.

This afternoon the results were presented at Copenhagen Business School. I attended:-)

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