One paper, 400 billion $ – ICOM-reporting

  • Jon Lund 

A three-page manifesto from WFA, the World Federation of Advertisers, sets out the wishes of advertisers in regards to audience measurement. Not limited to internet – the manifesto applies to all media measurement – TV, outdoor, radio, print etc.

And the WFA is not just anybody. Behind the WFA you find advertisers representing a yearly 400 billion $ adspend.

Ted McConnell of Procter & Gamble, who have coordinated the process, presented the manifesto titled “Blueprint for Consumer Centric Holistic Measurement” this morning at the ICOM conference in Berlin.

So what do the WFA want? They want to guide the transition of audience measurement in the industry to accommodate the increasingly complex media consumption behaviour of consumers. The want transparency, the want all parts of industry (advertisers, agencies and media) to join effort, and they want better linkage of relevant target group descriptions to media measurement capabilities.

Want to read the three page-manifesto: Do it here

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