Second-hand rules Danish clothing retail online

  • Jon Lund 

Trendsales – a second-hand clothing retail site turned social network – distances competitors grossly.

This is one of the main in “The Emperor’s clothes: The true top of Danish clothing online retailers″ – my latest report, published today. Find reference below.

Not alone does draw more than a third the number of users as does number two on the list – in terms of time spend it quadruples number two on the list. How this translates into the number of transactions or the amount of money generated, however, remains unknown.

What’s interesting as well is how brand-sites are missing from the list. Both, and seems to be established as retailers, while the online stores of eg. fashion brands Inwear, Tiger of Sweden and Only doesn’t appear on the list at all. Perhaps there are actually sustainable ways to deal with channel conflicts. It could seem so.

Also, the category seems rather stable. Comparing the January 2010 numbers to the January 2009 numbers reveals the category as a whole hasn’t grown. As clothing is among the leading sectors in online retail, it seems we’re witnessing a mature market, where the online retailers have actually been able to meet the demand of the customers. That actually huge!

Another interesting – though perhaps not to surprising – finding is how age and sex are the two clearly defining demographics of online clothes shoppers. Young segments are really into this whole clothing/fashion thing – while the elder are not. Women likewise has a MUCH better take on shopping clothes online than does men.

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