Top danish directors in cutting-edge online-only campaign

  • Jon Lund 

The most wholeheartedly danish online campaign is just about to launch. In a 45 millions danish kroner (approx. 7 mio. US $) campaign the danish newspapers (of all possible advertisers) tries to get Danes read more newspapers – using the web as its primary platform.

Top-“dogme” directors
The cornerstone of the campaign are micro-films (around 7 minutes), produced solely for the web. And not just any films: this forth films are produced/planned by top danish film-makers Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, Lone Scherfig, Susanne Bier and Ole Bornedal – all internationally renowned, three of them dogme-directors.

Solely for the web means solely for the web. The films will only be accessible online – the campaign around it (trailers in TV commercials, streaming banner ads etc.) aims solely at drawing traffic to the online media.

This is really innovative, cutting-edge media use, if you want my humble opinion. Pouring in great creative forces in a campaign taking fully advantage of both the possibilities of the web – and the high-bandwidth penetration of broadband to danish households and workplaces (danish statistical bureau pdf: 74 percent of all danish households are online – 70 percent of these with broadband access in 2005)

As BMW before them
The only predecessor – at least known to me – is the 2001 BMW film project featuring producers Tony Scott, Ridley scott, Jules Daly and directors Tony Scott, Joe Carnahan and John Woo. Truly a worthy benchmark.

Starting Sept. 19
The campaign starts on September 19 on In the meantime – read more about the campaign in danish newspapers: