Uh, crisis… let’s go (secondhand) shopping! Is that how it works?

  • Jon Lund 

When I looked a the web-stats for last week nothing really jumped to my eyes.

But then I took a second look, and suddenly this pattern emerges: among the many very different sites which experience a growth in activity, a few stood out. And stood out in clusters:

  • recruitment-sites did above average (some did 10 times above average)
  • secondhand-shopping sites a la ebay (which operates through its subsidiary dba.dk in Denmark) showed above average growth
  • consumer news sites (guides, tests and the lot) did above average

It struck me that a general pattern emerged. All of these clusters of sites are connected to how you, me and everybody gets the most out of our economic situation. Can I find a new job, if my company gets into trouble and lay me off? Can I buy the new bicycle or the fashion designer bag secondhand, and try not to splash out to hard? And how can I save money from savings on light-bulps, on a new gas-friendly car or by rearranging the loans I have taken in my house?

Is it, that the internet in this way lets you know that Danes are increasingly crisis-aware, and that they use the internet to handle their situation, grasping the empowerment, all these sites provides, trying to take your situation in your own hands?

Read on in this weeks analysis: Digital view: Life on the Danish Internet, August 24-30, 2009 – recruitment and secondhand shopping