Users smile back – the Bon’A Parte learnings

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Reporting from the usability days conference. “All test-persons immediately started smiling when entering the H&M frontpage, featuring a smiling woman – that wasn’t the case on either of the Bon’A Parte website or a third textile-shops we tested”. Jacob Ravn, Art Director at Jacob Ravn Design explains: people simply felt good about that frontpage. Jacob Ravn worked for Bon’A Parte when redesigning the Bon’A Parte website.

Large pictures
In the redesign of Bon’A Parte therefore shifted the design from a rather white, catalogue-like website to a rich, magazine-like one. Large pictures, appealing colours. With fewer but more visible core-functions visible on the frontpage.

Simple frontpage
“Previously we offered the user to many possibilities on the front page. The users were overwhelmed and exhausted by the mere thought of buying something here” says Lars Christensen, usability consultant at Creuna, working for Bon’A Parte.

(Lars Christensen somewhat echoed a point made by Jakob Nielsen earlier today. “If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years of usability-studies it’s this: Life is to short for users to click on the unknown”.)

55 % sales online. 8 % convertion rate.
Apparently Bon’A Parte succeded in their redesign efforts. Close to 55 % of all sales are now conducted via the Bon’A Parte website.

Newly implemented statistics systems shows that on average 8 % of users coming to the Bonaparte site from Google, converts to paying customers. On average and including traffic from both organic and paid searches says Mette Naomi Østerballe of Bon’A Parte.