Welcome to… Googledom, Socialistan, Newscorpey and Disturbia

Tweet Socialistan is the largest country in the new world accounting for 31 % of total time-spend. Here by far the most Danes are actively engaged in updating their facebook-status, twitting and blogging. The women of Socialistan leads on, while men are more passive. You won’t find a Dane who hasn’t spend time in Googledom[…]

With $188 worth in ad revenues, how much journalism can you afford to put into the average online article?

Tweet This is to me the most important questions, my new analysis raises: We as a society needs someone who on an ongoing basis scans the radar for poor functioning, mal-conduct and fraud in government and business, and sees to it that matters are digged into, holding those in charge responsible. The bloggers, the Google-news[…]