Danish facts: Twitter is a small, elitist niche-site (Digital view, week 37 2009)

  • Jon Lund 

In this weeks issue of Digital view: Life on the Danish internet I put the spotlight on Danes’ use of twitter.com and reveal the number of users and demographic profile of the popular social networking service.

The analysis shows twitter.com to be a small (5-10 percent the size of Facebook) and elitist niche-site (users living in larger Copenhagen area, around 30 and with a university-degree). And although twitter is still growing, I don’t expect it to have a potential for more than a doubling. Read the analysis for more figures, graphs etc.

I also highlight why I think this is actually a fine spot to be in for Twitter, exhausting the potentials given to it by it’s own concept. The thing is that the the two factors that makes Twitter cool (actually constituting the concept of Twitter) also limits Twitters potentials for growh, namely i) the naked, pure-thought substance that twitter endorses and ii) the uni-lateral nature of the follow-me twitter-relationsships. You can find a more detailed explanation in the analysis.

More graphs, facts, analysis, background and methodology available here:

Danish facts: Twitter is a small, elitist niche-site

[Download as pdf]

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