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Social networking in Denmark comes down to Facebook vs. the rest. Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and Danish Arto are hugely surpassed by the gigantic volume of Facebook. From January 2009 onwards, Facebbok has captured some 2,4 million adults out of less than four million total internetusers. Number two, Myspace, reached 315.000 adults in October, Linkedin 270.000, Twitter almost 170.000 and Arto less than 90.000. This is one of the main conclusions from a new analysis I’ve just published, “Danish social networking in numbers: facebook vs the rest”.

Facebook, Mr and Mrs Smith, the young ones and the Eastenders

Facebook is a smashing hit. All the way through 2009 they’ve managed to keep on to an astronomic number of users – and apparently people keep spending more and more time on the site – in October Facebook took out 16 minutes of the average user a day. Not even the youngest seems to be loosing interest (as opposed to the may-be US-situation reported by Adweek).

However the different sites has a take on different types of users. Everybody is on facebook, giving it a rather “mr and mrs Smith”-like profile. LinkedIn users are well-educated professionals. Myspace and – particularly – Arto have a good grib of the young ones, while users from Eastern Denmark are overrepresented on Twitter.

Women’s winning game

I also find a significant difference when it comes to social networking and women. Even though the number of female users only is only slightly larger than the number of male users, women spend up to dobule the number of minutes on their social networking activities on Facebook – on Twitter it’s four times as much! If the ability to navigate in social networking is only slightly as important as the hype goes, this makes social networking a winning game for women. (More on this in this previous post: War of the gender reborn on the internet: Women socialize, men gather information)

Twitter reached saturation

While Facebook is extremly stable, twitter.com seems to have reached saturation in terms of the number of users. Twitter first breaks through the lower threshold of the publicly available audience measurement in April 2009 with 120.000 users. It kept growing up until peaking in June 2009 thereafter stabilizing, reaching 168.000 adults Danes in October. Compared to Facebook, keep in mind Twitter is different, more like a spreading-the-word type of service as opposed to the closer and cosier “Baking with the kids” kind of Facebook-updates. (More on this in this post: Danish facts: Twitter is a small, elitist niche-site)

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