bids google-searchers welcome using do-it-yourself behavioural targetting

  • Jon Lund 

“Hi! It seems like you just came from Google, and we thought: perhaps you don’t know Information. Click here to sign up for a free 4 week trial”

This is how danish newspaper-site bids users welcome, when they click through to a page at from a Google search result. Have a look (well, it’s in Danish, I know, but look at the yellow box):


In this way, Information gets extra advantage of Google. After opening their archives some ten years back in time, Information experienced a huge increase in traffic, allowing them to make more money from advertising. And now they they’ve engaged in behavioural targetting, trying to transfer web-surfers to paying readers of their newspaper.

Exactly this I’ve considered being an opportunity since the first talks of how news-sites could or could not live side by side with Google. Taking advantage of the simple fact, that all visits carry information on what site the user came from (given off course he came from somewhere, and didn’t type in the url himself).

A quick glance at the view-source of the page reveals the extremely simple measures with which this targetting is performed. For those of you do-it-yourselves-guys out there , here’s the piece of javascript:
<script type=”text/javascript”>Drupal.extend({ settings: { “welcome_by_referer_settings”: [ { “id”: “1”, “pattern”: “”, “match_type”: “begins with”, “url_component”: “url”, “message”: “Hej! Vi kan se du er kommet hertil fra Google og tænkte: Det kan være du ikke kender Information. \x3ca href =\”\”\x3eKlik her for at prøve 4 uger gratis \x26raquo;\x3c/a\x3e \x3cdiv class=\”close-message\”\x3eKlik her for at lukke meddelelsen\x3c/div\x3e”, “js”: “fadeInSlideOut.js”, “css”: “green.css”, “status”: “1” } ], “googleanalytics”: { “trackDownload”: “pdf|zip|mp3” } } });</script>

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  1. Simple measures, yes. But too simple?

    I get this message daily visiting from Google Reader. I subscribe to the feed, and “perhaps you don’t know Information” is not a relevant question.

  2. Maybe they should just add “/search” to the script, that would leave out Google Reader, I think… But why would I want a subscription, just because I found them through Google? I think it should be some sort of url parameter, that I could include when linking to them from my blog, like ‘info=1’…

  3. Facinating! My blog now turned in to a messageboard for the devellopment of – keep up the good work, and keep posting, Johannes 🙂

    by the way: does it work? Do you get any new subscriptions?