My never-before-published 1991 Sussi & Leo video “Anne-Marie” now available on youtube

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In 1991 I and four of my friends – Karen, Peter, Steen and Merethe – produced a music video for and with the popular Danish kitch-duo Sussi & Leo. We produced the video as a part of our studies in commmunications at University of Aalborg.

Although the production was rewarded top-grades by the university, the technical quality was to poor to have it broadcastet on tv.

However the quality is excellent for Youtube-use! This afternoon Karen had our old VHS-video-copy digitalized and uploaded to youtube. Here it is:


It was great fun producing the video with Sussi & Leo, who excells in bad taste. I clearly remember sitting with Sussi and Leo in their leather couch, drinking instant tomato soup from a machine (you know the one with a wheel you have to turn to release the granula (flavour of your own choice), then pushing another button adding hot water) while working on the project. As a special thank you we all recieved a bottle of their homebrewed wine made from turnips grown in the fields outside their windows.

PS: A quick translation of the lyrics goes like this:
It was a great party/
I attended as a guest/
The air grew dense with signals/
We left the party together/
as the perfect couple/
Next morning I had second thoughts
What can I say/
Can you stay/
Please tell me if it was all just for the fun of it/

And so on…

0 thoughts on “My never-before-published 1991 Sussi & Leo video “Anne-Marie” now available on youtube”

  1. Well, I’d swear I never meant to suggest or defend censorship…

    .. I have seen a lot of hedgeshitting in my time… But this world has yet to experience real horror.

    Gosh, I’d rather eat my cereals with terpentine 🙂

    Thanks, Jon, for ruining my lunchbreak *lol*


  2. Brillant! :-D.

    Did you ever drink that wine? If so I’m amazed that you lived to tell about it. It sounds very spooky ;-).

  3. @ Lars: yup, surely feels good to be out in the open
    @ Ken: 🙂
    @ Mads: I actually saved the wine for quite some time for a special occasion – like 6 month or so – and I vaguely recall the much to sweet taste of it…
    We also got ourselves some rather poor quality Sussi & Leo – tshirts (the ones much to thinly wowen, you know)…

  4. What an amazingly disturbing experience over the morning coffee that. I hope I shall never have to see that video again – on the other hand I’ll instantly reblog it and start Sussi&Leo-rolling everyone I know 🙂

  5. You obviously should have stayed in the music video industry – it’s GREAT WORK !! 🙂

    The video has obviously also been posted on my own blog and the link have been spammed to everybody!!

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