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As of today this blog is nolonger powered by Blogger – but by WordPress. Never heard of Blogger or WordPress? They’re both blog-software – login websites where you can write, edit and design your own blogs.

The move to WordPress was triggered by a comment to a previous post of mine. Claus Schmidt noted – as a small PS:

By the way, why do I see advertisements for “Royal Copenhagen Store” and “Royal Copenhagen Plates and…” on this comment form? I will help you implement a WordPress blog in stead of this commercial version anytime, you know … it only takes five minutes to get up and running :)

Now, I don’t personally mind ads – but I do prefer myself to get the money from them, if they’re displayed on my website – so I bought in on the proposal, and got I hold on Claus, an independent danish internet consultant at If you can implement WordPress in five minutes – or even 30 – you got a bargain, I told him.

And so – here we are: no ads when commenting my posts, an all new navigational system wíth categories (UPS, haven’t really had time to have that one all in place yet), feeds of comments, enabling you to keep track of specially noteworthy discussion, lots of free plug-ins to use if I should feel like, say, have technorati-tags autogenerated from the content of my writings.

And: a rather much nicer design, in my own humble opion.

PS. Yes, the permalinks still have the same format, meaning all inbound links should still work. So no need to edit your blog-roll.

However: the feed has changed. Tune in your feed reader to for the blog-feed, for the new feed of comments to my posts.

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  1. Well, it did take a little more than five minutes but the result is pretty nice IMHO, and everything seeems to work just as you would expect it to.

    For others thinking about switching I can say that the thing that took the longest time was to make sure that the links from the previous blog would still work on this new blog – depending on the amount of posts that may require some time, as it’s mostly a manual process.

    Anyway, congratulations with the new blog. In all modesty I’ll say that it looks smashing 🙂