New York Times puts its goods on display in Google – like Danish Engineering Weekly-case

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Last week I wrote on Engineering Weekly strategy of letting the full-length content being searchable in Google (see my 10 step recipe for monetizing on content – the Engineering Weekly case). When users clicks the Google-link to get to the article with the desired information they are met with a login-screen prompting the user to register for free for a two weeks trial to get access to the content. Plus free newsletter-subscription. Enabling Engineering Weekly to build loyalty, having visitors returning, making more money on ads and eventually selling a subscribtion or two.

An example, I wrote: Try type in a search for “search for airbus serial number “MSN009” and motor type “Trent 900” – neither of these two pieces of information are included in the first 200 characters of the article in question, which are free for all users. Google returned a match for phrases not freely available.

“Strangely enough neither The Economist, Financial Times nor other premium content sites seems to have implemented the method – yet!” I wrote in conclusion.

However New York Times seems to have adopted the exact same strategy, it appears. Try it for yourself: search for “Airbus” and source:New_York_Times in Google an study the results.

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  1. I was just writing a comment but I’ll send you an email in stead – the main point is that in English speaking countries the relation to Google must be factored in in another way than for niche languages (eg. Danish). That may change as Google is going worldwide, and Google is increasingly becoming more localized.


    By the way, why do I see advertisements for “Royal Copenhagen Store” and “Royal Copenhagen Plates and…” on this comment form? I will help you implement a WordPress blog in stead of this commercial version anytime, you know … it only takes five minutes to get up and running 🙂

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