Jon Lund

Jon Lund is a contributing analyst and commentator at Danish daily Politiken, is chairman of the board at Danish Online News Association and has held honorary positions as member of the board of IAB Europe, member of the Danish Ministry of Cultures advertising forum, member of the board of directors of the Forum of the Danish Media, member of ICC Denmark’s marketing committee. He holds a masters degree in Political Science from University of Aarhus and has worked with internet since starting his own agency in 1995.

Katrina unreality

  • Jon Lund 

The scenes taking place in New Orleans the aftermath of hurricane Katrina – robbing, stealing, police powerless, dead corpes floating in the water no sanitary systems working etc. – are completely unreal. Reminds me most… Læs mere »Katrina unreality

Fastlane rocks

  • Jon Lund 

General Motors Fastlane-blog is a true hit. Consider this piece from Bob Lutz. Bob Lutz, GM vice chairman, blogging on about GMs wonderfull cars is actually quite bold. Of course you dont except modesty from… Læs mere »Fastlane rocks

Powerpoint stupidity

  • Jon Lund 

“I use Powerpoint quite a bit, and that doesn’t seem to make me total nuts” says Trine-Maria Kristensen in her blog, commenting on Edward Tufte, a wise man claiming use of Powerpoints does affect your… Læs mere »Powerpoint stupidity